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Coronavirus Update for November 23, 2020

by Thunda

This is a COVID-19 informational update for Monday, November 23rd.

On today’s update of COVID-19, the number of new active cases, on Hawaii Island, reported and monitored by the Department of Health is ten (10).  At this date, for Hawaii Island, seven (7) are hospitalized.  A total of forty-nine (49) deaths have been reported on Hawaii Island.  

In recent weeks the majority of mainland states, including Alaska, are experiencing huge spikes of the Coronavirus which, unfortunately, are projected to get worse.  Hawaii Island has also seen an increase in community caused cases of Coronavirus.  Recent tests on Hawaii Island clearly show that the Coronavirus spread is due to close gatherings especially of young people and of families.

Tests on Hawaii Island in the past week show that of the 33 who were tested positive, 14 were below the age of 25 and of this 4 below the age of 10.  This cluster of young people has been identified in the Hilo District.

For your family, your loved ones, yourself, and your community know this increase is of great concern and with the coming Holidays and traditional gatherings how important it is for you to follow the preventive policies of face coverings, distancing, and gatherings.  Your help is needed to stop the spread of the virus and to keep Hawaii safe.  Together we can do this.

Thank you for listening and have a safe day and have a safe Holiday Season.

This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

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