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New Driver’s Licensing Modified Skills Test implemented by County. What you need to know.

by Thunda

The County of Hawai‘i Department of Finance announces the start of modified skills testing, which temporarily replaces in-vehicle road tests.  This modified skills test was approved by the Hawai‘i Department of Transportation, and was developed to meet the need for continued road testing during this public health emergency, while also allowing the examiner and applicant to maintain the recommended six-feet social distancing prescribed by the Center for Disease Control.  Approval for this alternative method of testing has been granted through September 30, 2020.

The modified skills test begins with the applicant conducting a vehicle safety check.  For the vehicle safety check, the applicant is required to conduct a vehicle safety check of the vehicle he or she will be operating, and the applicant is expected to describe to the examiner each item inspected and why.  For example, “I am walking around the vehicle making sure there are no children, animals or obstacles behind or near my vehicle.” The applicant should also be familiar with all controls in the vehicle, as well as recognizing when a component is safe on the exterior of the vehicle.

The second part of the modified skills test, is the vehicle control skills test which requires the applicant to complete six maneuvering exercises – forward drive, reverse-straight line backing up, three-point turnabout, complete stop, left or right parallel park, and a forward or reverse two-point turnabout.

We highly recommend that applicants review our customer guide, “Preparing yourself for the Modified Skills Test”.  To be successful, applicants should come prepared, and have all required documents with them.  A copy of this guide is available at our website or at our Hilo and Kona offices. The modified skills test is currently only available in Hilo.

Appointments may be made on-line through our website or at  

Road tests are being conducted at the Afook Chinen Civic Center.  A licensed driver age 21 or older must accompany the applicant to the road test site.  A valid registration, safety check and insurance are also required.  Applicant’s under the age of 18 must provide driver education completion certificates.  Upon successful completion of the modified skills test, the applicant will be processed at the Hilo Driver’s License office.

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