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Free online coding classes offered for all ages.

by Thunda
Oceanit Research Foundation launches free computer science resource

Online resource for teachers, students, parents and anyone interested in learning creative problem-solving skills via coding is being made available for free.

The Oceanit Research Foundation launched a free computer science resource for teachers, students and parents.

The online resource is based on three years of delivering professional development credit to 600 K-12 teachers at 131 public schools to learn computer science using a programmable car called “Altino.” It’s now going virtual with the new Altino Virtual Online Car.

Check out the virtual car online and the first 20 virtual car lessons at

To use Altino Online, you will need a device such as a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer, a web browser, and internet connection.

These online resources are for teachers, students, parents and anyone interested in learning creative problem-solving skills via coding at no cost.

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