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Hawaiʻi Legislation Adopted to Improve Standards of Conduct

by Thunda

8 of 14 bills identified by Commission were adopted by 2022 Legislature

The Hawaiʻi House of Representatives’ Commission to Improve the Standards of Conduct’s March 30, 2022 interim report identified 14 bills that were alive in the 2022 Legislature and could be adopted to improve the standards of conduct in four (4) areas:

  1. Strengthening Investigation and Prosecution of Fraud
  2. Giving Openness and Transparency a Boost
  3. Serving the Public Interest with Ethical Awareness and Oversight
  4. Reducing the Power of Money in Politics

Eight (8) of the bills identified have been passed by the Legislature, including one (1) that has already been signed into law by the Governor (see attached).

“The Commission’s preliminary report focused on bills that were alive for action by the 2022 Legislature. The Legislature adopted many of the bills identified by the Commission. In the coming months, the Commission will be holding public, live streamed meetings to discuss a variety of topics. I am looking forward to its deliberations and final report, including proposed legislation, which is due by December 1, 2022,” said Speaker Scott K. Saiki.

The Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct was created by the Hawaii House of Representatives by House Resolution 9 on February 17, 2022. Its purpose is to review and assess existing state laws and rules relating to conduct of public officers and employees to ensure that the laws contain clear standards, enforcement, and penalties to ensure compliance.

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