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Kim submits Rule 11 to Ige for reducing Gathering size in Hawaii County

by Thunda

In light of increased numbers of COVID-19 in our community, Hawai‘i County Mayor Harry Kim has submitted his COVID-19 Emergency Rule No. 11, to Governor Ige for review and approval.

Mayor Kim is asking the Governor to approve Rule 11, which would accomplish the following:
1. Extend the COVID-19 emergency period to September 30, 2020;
2. Limit social gathering group sizes to 10 persons indoors and 10 persons outdoors; 
3. Reduce group sizes of sports practices to 25 persons (from 35), and competitive play to 50 persons (from 100); and
4. Continue the self-quarantine requirements for all travel to Hawai‘i Island.

“We all need to work together to stem the tide of cases in Hawai‘i County, to protect our community,” said Mayor Kim.  ”Please know that we can all do our part to make it better, by avoiding gatherings, wearing face coverings, and practice social distancing.”

“This is a community issue, and we need the community’s help. Our response to any positive cases is to identify and isolate the people involved,” the Mayor said.

The public is reminded to stay at home and do not go to work if you are sick.  Take care of yourselves by exercising, staying hydrated, and get proper amounts of rest.  If you have COVID-19 symptoms, contact your doctor. 

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