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Man Charged Following Officer-Involved Shooting in Hilo

by Thunda

32-year-old Aina Kealoha Bill Cachero, of Hilo, has been arrested and charged with an array of offenses following an officer-involved shooting incident that occurred late Friday morning, February 3, 2023, in Hilo.

On Saturday afternoon, February 4, 2023, The County Prosecutors Office charged Cachero with the following offenses stemming from Friday morning’s series of events:

  • Second-degree robbery
  • First-degree theft
  • Unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle (UCPV)
  • Habitual property crime
  • Two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening

Cachero’s bail was set at $90,000.

The charges against Cachero stem from an incident reported at approximately 11:35 a.m. Friday, February 3, 2023, when South Hilo Patrol officers responded to the 500 block of Kukuau Street in Hilo, for a report of an active vehicle theft from a residence. It was reported the suspect had entered the victim’s truck and began driving away, before being physically stopped and removed by the vehicle owner. Responding officers were provided a description of the suspect, later identified as Cachero, and informed that he had just left the area on foot. Additional responding officers immediately canvassed the area looking for the suspect.

At approximately 11:56 a.m., officers located a male matching the suspect’s description walking south on Kumukoa Street. As officers attempted to contact the man to positively identify him, he immediately began to run away, at which point he was observed reaching into his waistband area, pulling out a dark-colored pistol, and turning his body towards the officers. One of the officers drew his weapon, and clear verbal commands were given by officers. The suspect ignored the officers’ lawful commands, and one officer subsequently discharged his duty weapon, striking the suspect in the upper shoulder area.

Police officers on scene immediately provided first aid on the suspect until Hawai‘i Fire Department medics arrived and took over. Cachero was arrested and transported via ambulance to the Hilo Medical Center, where he was treated, and released shortly after 4:30 p.m. He was then transported to the Hilo Police Cellblock pending investigation.   

There were no reported injuries to bystanders or the responding officers.  

Cachero was not charged with any firearms related crimes. The weapon he pulled from his waistband was later examined. While its appearance, size, and weight were consistent with a semi-automatic handgun, the weapon Cachero used in this case was found to not be a functioning firearm.

The Office of Professional Standards has initiated a standard internal administrative investigation. The involved officer is a five-year veteran of the department, and has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal review of this incident.

In addition to the charges against Cachero stemming from the incident Friday morning, he was also charged with the following offenses stemming from an earlier unrelated incident reported in late January:

  • First-degree theft
  • Unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle (UCPV)
  • Habitual property crime
  • Theft of credit card
  • Unauthorized possession personal confidential information
  • Fraud use credit card
  • Third-degree identity theft
  • Fourth-degree theft

Bail for these charges was set at $44,000.

These charges against Cachero stem from an incident reported on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, in which a female victim reported her apartment on Kinoole Street, in Hilo, was entered while she was asleep, and her purse with credit cards and car keys were removed. The victim also reported that her vehicle was stolen, and later learned that her credit cards were fraudulently used. During the course of this investigation, Cachero and 19-year-old Shayla-Rae Pomroy were identified as suspects. Pomroy was arrested and charged with various offenses stemming from this incident on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Cachero remains in police custody pending his initial court appearance scheduled for Monday afternoon, February 6, 2023, in Hilo District Court.   

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