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Nāʻālehu Alleged attempted child abduction (UEMV) report found to be non-criminal in nature

by Thunda

Report no.: 20-045501

Hawaiʻi Island Police have completed the investigation into a reported attempted Unauthorized Entry into Motor Vehicle incident that occurred at a business establishment in Nāʻālehu. 

On June 15, 2020, a male party was reported to have approached a vehicle and attempted to gain entry into the vehicle. Within the vehicle were two unattended minors. This incident was reported on Social Media as an attempted child abduction.

Although the event did occur, the circumstances were determined to be of a non-criminal nature.

After reviewing video in that area and conducting an investigation, a detective was able to interview all parties involved and observe what occurred.

It was determined that a 60-year-old male was at a store in Nāʻālehu when he met with an acquaintance, a 53-year-old male.  During conversation, the 53-year-old male offered the 60-year-old male a ride to his home.

As both parties left the business establishment the 60-year-old male approached the wrong truck and attempted to get in.  After realizing that he was at the wrong truck the 60-year-old male party walked into the driveway area, waved in apology and waited for his acquaintance to turn his vehicle around and pick him up before leaving the area.

Due to innocent parties and members of the public being present in the videos observed by the police, the videos are not being released.

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