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Puna Crime Stats for November 2022

by Thunda


Assault-1Huakai Street
Burglary-2Elua Road
Kalani Honua Loop
UCPV-2Kalani Honua Loop
Uluhemalu Road
UEMV-1Kalani Honua Loop
Theft-2Volcano Road (Hirano Store)
Kalani Honua Loop

Mt. View

Assault-4Pikake Street
Apele Road
Oahu Street
1800 block Volcano Road
Burglary-4Paniolo Street
Apele Road
Uhini Ana Road
Ao Road (road 2)
Theft-81600 block Ale Road
Opeapea Road
Apele Road
Uhini Ana Road
North Peck Road
1600 block Moho Road
Naia Street
Ooaa Road
UCPV-5Ohia Ave
Uhini Ana Road
Palm Tree Drive
Uaua Road
Naia Street
UEMV-2Opeapea Road
1100 block Lehua Street


Assault-21600 block Keaau Pahoa Road
1500 block 17th Ave
Burglary-21600 block 34th Ave
1500 block 7th Ave
Major TC-111600 block Keaau Pahoa Road
Keaau Pahoa Road /Hwy 11
1500 block 25th Ave
Old Volcano Road/Hwy 11
Ainaloa Blvd/34th Ave
Huina Road/Hwy 11
1600 block Old Volcano Road
Olaa Road/ Hwy 11
Puanani Street/40th Ave
Maku’u Drive/Hwy 130
Ainaloa Blvd/36th Ave
Theft-121600 block 34th Ave
1700 block Paahana Street
17th Ave
Keaau Bypass Road/Kukula Street
1500 block 13th Ave
1500 block 18th Ave
1500 block Kaloli Drive
Keaau Pahoa Road/Keaau Transfer Station
1500 block 10th Ave
27th Ave
Orchidland Drive
Keaau Pahoa Road/Keaau Transfer Station
UCPV-3Keaau Bypass Road/Kukula Street
1500 block 19th Ave
1500 block Maku’u
UEMV-1Keaau Bypass Road/Kukula Street


Assault-8Pahoa Village Road (Napa Parking lot)
Government Beach Road (Wa’a wa’a)
1400 block Mayzee Road
1400 block Lahaini Road
Nanawale Blvd
S Puni Mauka Loop
Pahoa Village Road/ Pahoa High School
Pahoa Kalapana Road
Burglary-5Kamau Road
1500 block S Puni Mauka Loop
1500 block Kahakai Blvd
Pahoa Village Road/Sacred Hearts Church
Kaimu Makena Homestead Road
Robbery-11300 block Malama Street
Major TC-2Pahoa Round About
Hwy 130/13MM
Theft-20Cemetery Road
Ainaloa Drive
1500 block Laau Way
Opelu Street
Malolo Street
Kahakai Blvd (Pahoa Longs)
1200 block Kapiolani Street
Kawakawa Street
Stardust Drive
Nanawale Blvd
Cottage Circle
Paradise Road
Kahakai Blvd
Kahakai Blvd (Pahoa Longs)
Kahakai Blvd (Pahoa Longs)
Malama Street
Moku Street
Kahakai Blvd
Pahoa Village Road (Pahoa 7-11)
Pahoa Village Road (Pauls Repair)
UCPV-8Ginger Lane
Laau Way
Kapiolani Street
Seaaviw Road
Cottage Circle
Pukulani Drive
Kuaaina Road
Akeakamai Loop
Pahoa Village Road
UEMV-7Hwy 132/Hwy 137
Miloli Circle
Shell Road
Kauhale Street
Seaview Road
Lava Tree Park
Maiko Street


Theft-11700 block Volcano Hwy (7-11 Kurtistown)
UCPVKuaaina Road

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