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Silver 2001 2DR Ford Ranger #TDY 837

by Thunda

Make/Model: 2001 2dr Ford Ranger

Color: Silver

Plate#: TDY 837

Date Stolen: February 4, 2021

Stolen Location: 141 Kehaulani by the golf course in Hilo

Report Number: Unavailable

Additional Information: URGENT MY LOCAL PEEPS!!My work partner just had his truck ripped from the driveway at job (while present): 141 Kehaulani by the golf course in Hilo around 10:45am. Working on details, police have been called Older like 2001 silver 2dr Ford ranger, no rack or nothing. There is a partial clear plastic stuck in tailgate flapping around. License TDY 837 Post more details as soon as possible. If possibly seen, message me or call 936-7254 with plate and location. Thx in advance, let’s catch these rippers!!

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