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Two Big Island Women Sentenced for Methamphetamine Distribution Conspiracy

by Thunda
Prosecuting Attorney Kelden Waltjen announced that on November 18th, U.S. District Court Judge Helen Gillmor sentenced 45 year-old Malia Broome of Waimea and 43 year-old Billie Jack Peridot aka “BJ” Kawelo of Puna, to federal prison terms in relation to a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy which occurred between April 1 and May 27, 2020.
Earlier this month, 46 year-old Maximillian Oleksiak of Puna was sentenced to a 110 month federal prison term for his involvement in the case. The case was initiated after Hawai‘i Police Department Area II VICE Section officers contacted Kawelo, Broome, and Oleksiak within the Kona Coast Shopping Center parking lot on May 27, 2020. A subsequent search of Broome’s Cadillac sedan resulted in the recovery of approximately two (2) pounds of methamphetamine.
Kawelo was sentenced to 60 months and Broome to 48 months in federal prison for the offense of Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess 50 Grams or More of Methamphetamine with Intent to Distribute (combine, conspire, confederate, and agree with at least one other person, to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of methamphetamine). Judge Gillmor also ordered that Broome and Kawelo be placed on five (5) years of supervision following their federal prison sentences.
Kawelo and Broome, who remained out of custody for the pendency of these criminal matters, were ordered to surrender themselves to federal authorities to begin serving their federal prison terms. Kawelo is scheduled to turn herself in on January 6, 2022 and Broome on December 30, 2021.
“Our Office will continue to promote and encourage coordination between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to hold drug dealers accountable and prioritize the prosecution of the distribution of methamphetamine in our community. These investigations and prosecution were the result of a combined effort by members of the Hawai‘i Police Department’s Area I and II VICE Sections, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations, Hawai‘i County Prosecutors, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.” said Prosecuting Attorney Kelden Waltjen.
The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney remains dedicated to the pursuit of justice with integrity and commitment. Anyone having information concerning illegal narcotics distribution should call the Hawai‘i Police Department Vice Section in East Hawai‘i at (808) 961-2258 or in West Hawai‘i at (808) 326-4646 Ext. 226, or Crime Stoppers at (808) 961-8300.

Malia Broome

Billie Jack Peridot aka “BJ” Kawelo

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malia broome December 3, 2021 - 11:54 am

Date: December 1, 2021

Friends Family Customers,

The reason behind writing this letter is to express my sincere apologies for the criminal act that I took part in June 2020. My behavior and my actions were not appropriate and did not reflect the respect that was expected of me. I know this is a big disappointment and there is no excuse for such bad behavior no matter any circumstance.

When Covid-19 Lock down hit in March I panicked, Business was shut down and I was afraid I would not be able to sustain keeping the doors open at the shop. I was worried for the business and my employees. This led to my terrible decisions and actions that I kept private from everyone that made things worse. I was so wrong. I hurt my community, my family and friends. I took part in killing all that is good for a community to thrive. I admit that I was so wrong and accept my guilt, there is no justification for my actions. I’ve accepted full responsibility and now I am paying the ultimate price. Words cannot express how truly sorry and ashamed for violating your guys trust as a friend and the trust of me being a member of Kailua Kona . I was born here, I have spent my life with friends and neighbors of Kona, I’ve raised my family here . This makes my actions all the more regretful. I didn’t think of the damage I was causing to the people in my life and the people of the island. I was blinded and scared and acted selfishly without thinking. If I could take it back I would. I apologize to each and every resident for what I did. I will promise that I will never do this again. I feel very ashamed and remorseful , I can’t make any kind of excuse for it.

I can understand it may be very difficult for you guys to accept my apology. I know that an apology will not be enough to make this better, but I want you to understand how sorry I am for the choices Ive made. They were wrong, what I did was out of bounds, crossing the limits, I will always be haunted by the choice I made. I have no greater regrets for the damage I’ve caused you. I hope that this letter might give me an opportunity to prove my behavior and to help make things better now and when this court judgement is behind me. Business will still run in my absence to the best of its ability. You deserve only the best service, especially when you are an esteemed and regular customer, a family member ,friend or a resident of Kailua Kona.


Malia Broome

Kona Pete December 9, 2021 - 2:03 pm

Covid Schovid…What about your 5 felony and 2 misdemeanor convictions in 1999???

Hawaii eCrim Record
Data Generated: 06/29/2007
Validation Code: 8910

Record Information
Also Known As:
Summary of Charges
Arrest Date Arrest Agency Final Charge Disposition Date
GUILTY 09/30/1999
2. 08/16/1999 HAWAII PD PRO DANG DR 3 – FELONY CLASS C GUILTY 09/27/1999
3. 07/13/1999 HAWAII PD THEFT 3 – MISDEMEANOR GUILTY 10/25/1999
4. 03/05/1999 HAWAII PD PRO DANG DR 3 – FELONY CLASS C GUILTY 09/27/1999
5. 03/04/1999 HAWAII PD BURGLARY 2 – FELONY CLASS C GUILTY 09/27/1999
6. 03/04/1999 HAWAII PD THEFT 2 – FELONY CLASS C GUILTY 09/27/1999
7. 03/04/1999 HAWAII PD BURGLARY 2 – FELONY CLASS C GUILTY 09/27/1999


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