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Attorney General Clare E. Connor releases statement. Guess about what and who?

by Thunda

Yesterday, President Biden signed numerous executive orders dealing with climate change, immigration, the United States Census and the federal government’s response to the COVID pandemic.

For the past 4 Years Conner’s has led but mostly joined in anything opposing Donald Trump and his Administration. What will Conner’s do now that Biden is President?

Maybe we can get some idea in the following statement released from Attorney General Clare E. Connors:

“For the last four years, the Department of the Attorney General has exercised vigilance to ensure the actions of the federal government were lawful and did not adversely affect matters of importance to the people of Hawai‘i. These efforts included opposition to former President Trump’s Muslim ban, which led to legal action by the Department in the first weeks of his presidency. As this new transition in Washington continues peacefully, the Department will continue to review federal actions for their legality and impact on Hawai‘i, and is closely reviewing the executive orders signed by President Biden. So far, it appears our legal positions align with the Biden Administration on matters such as immigration, climate regulation and the appropriate response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we look forward to working with this administration to advance these important issues.”

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