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CARES Act Funding Update for Businesses

by Thunda
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Important Update on Eligibility and Required Documents

The Holomua Hawaiʻi program is now accepting applications from Sole Proprietors who are not registered with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). Upates are underlined below.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements Update

  • Non- profits and Businesses registered with the Hawaiʻi Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), and Sole Proprietors.
  • Non-DCCA Registered sole proprietorships that have filed a 2019 IRS Form 1040 Schedule C or F.
  • Must have been established with the State of Hawaiʻi prior to March 23, 2020.
  • Businesses and nonprofits must be located on Hawaiʻi Island, employ residents of Hawaiʻi, and provide direct services to Hawaiʻi Island communities.
  • Must have 50 or fewer employees including full time, part time, and casual.

Required Documents Update

  • Note: all required documents should be submitted in pdf or jpg/jpeg format via the Holomua Hawaiʻi online Grant Application.
  • Compliance Certificate or current DCCA Registration for organizations registered with the DCCA.
  • First page of 2019 business tax return or 2019 Schedule C or annual GET reconciliation for 2019 or GET quarterly filings for 2020 (to verify revenue level).
  • For non-DCCA Registered sole proprietorships, 2019 IRS Form 1040 Schedule C or F, and 2020 quarterly GET filings are required.
  • Copy of most recent payroll register or Form 941 for 2019 (to verify number of employees; not required for sole proprietorship or single member LLC).
  • Completed Federal Form W-9.
  • Clear copies of receipts and or cancelled checks for reimbursement.
  • Completed Holomua Hawaii COVID-19 Expense Workbook.
  • IRS Form 8829 – for Businesses with only residential addresses.

Additional Update – Note that the telephone number for the Hawaiʻi County Employees Federal Credit Union has been corrected to 935-2969.

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