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Hawaii Food Bank and iHeart (Honolulu) respond to comments made towards Local Entertainer Paula Fuga from Island 98.5 Radio personalities Slick Vic and KreyZ Oshiro.

by Thunda

Not even a local thing, its a human thing. On a radiothon Fundraiser for Hawaii Food bank to Help raise Food for the Families in need.

After a powerful performance, Na Hoku Hanohano award-winning artist Paula Fuga shared a tearful Story from her past of childhood Hunger, Sharing she was at a point where she had to resort to looking for and eating food from trash cans. As she continued to share her heartfelt story, holding back tears as she relived the experience. Radio personalities Slick Vic and KreyZ Oshiro made jokes at her expense and a mockery of her story.

A third host Rory Wild can be heard trying to steer the conversation away as Slick Vic and KreyZ Oshiro keep making mockery of Paula’s experience. Even going as far to say there was a “rubbish can by the bar”.

As many witnessed this shameful display of Homeless shaming and bullying on a Live radiothon Fundraiser Food drive to help those close to or in similar situations. The people went into action sharing the clip to social media where it went viral in a short time. Shared by Hundreds of Local artist thru out Hawai’i showing support for Paula Fuga. On Big Island Thieves Facebook page alone there are over 11k views.

In the wake of this event iHeart Radio, an American free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. has released the following statement.

This statement may be attributed to Chuck Cotton, President of iHeartRadio Honolulu

The on air comments made by DJs “Slick Vic” Harris and “KreyZ” Oshiro this past Friday were highly insensitive and do not represent the values of Island 98.5 (or iHeartRadio Honolulu) and our commitment to the communities we serve. We want to sincerely apologize to Paula Fuga and to any others who were offended. Please know that the situation has been addressed internally.”

Slick Vic and KreyZ Oshiro are no longer part of the Island 98.5 Wake Up Crew.

We cannot share any further details on personnel matters for privacy reasons.

I have been in close contact with Paula since the comments made on air and I am meeting with her to apologize in person. I would like to thank the Hawaii Foodbank who have been wonderful partners for years. I look forward to our continued partnership on this extremely important cause.

Aloha, David

David Sayre, President

Sayre Public Relations, LLC

Hawaii Food Bank also released the following response on the event.


Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective and insight regarding the radiothon. We agree that hunger is not something to joke about, and making light of someone’s experiences does not align with the goals of our mission. We are incredibly grateful for Paula’s spirit, support and willingness to share her testimony. While we are also thankful for the support raised by the radiothon and its sponsors, the comments made by the hosts during this segment do not reflect to views of Hawaii Foodbank. Our leadership team is meeting to determine how to appropriately handle this situation. In the meantime, we appreciate everyone’s communication, understanding and patience.


Danny Director of Marketing and Communications

Slick Vic and KreyZ Oshiro could not be reached for comment as of press time.

However there have been a surge of comments left on Victor “Slick Vic” Harris Facebook page


Instagram: slickvic985

Twitter: Slickvic

Snapchat: Slickvic2020

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