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Kāne‘ohe Bay Regional Council is looking for volunteers to help protect and preserve Kāne’ohe Bay in O’ahu

by Thunda

(HONOLULU) – O‘ahu’s iconic Kāne‘ohe Bay is Hawai‘i’s largest sheltered body of water and only one of two bays in the state with barrier reefs. It is a significant scenic and recreational location that sees plenty of activity from boaters, fishers, kayakers, and snorkelers.  

The bay has some of Hawai‘i’s best known natural and manmade features. It is home to the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) on Moku o Lo‘e (Coconut Island) and the much-photographed Mokoli‘i or Chinaman’s Hat. One of its most famous features is the Ahu o Laka sandbar. The southern end is partly enclosed by the Mokapu peninsula, home to Marine Corps Base Hawai‘i. The bay’s unique patch reefs sport habitat for a dazzling array of marine life. Kāne‘ohe Bay is clearly vital to many aspects to life in Hawai‘i. 

Nearly 30-years ago, in 1992, the Kāne‘ohe Bay Master Plan was formalized as the guiding document for the protection and preservation of the bay and its many resources. The plan was created by experts who volunteered their mana‘o. 

The plan includes three primary goals: 

  • Preserve and protect the unique natural resources of Kāne‘ohe Bay for everyone’s enjoyment. 
  • Resolve conflicts between recreational users, the general public, and commercial ocean recreation operations. 
  • Assess the environmental and ecological impacts on activities in the bay. 

Now, the Kāne‘ohe Bay Regional Council is looking for volunteers. Brian Neilson, the Administrator of the DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources serves as the chair of the council and said, “We’re seeking people to review, rededicate and reinforce the 1992 Kāne‘ohe Bay Master Plan. The plan and its update are critical to the continued and future management of this magnificent resource.” 

Anyone interested in volunteering to participate in the review of the master plan can submit their name at or contact Mo Radke at  

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