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Mayor Kim Explains Why Public Swimming Pools Remain Closed during Pandemic

by Thunda

Mayor Harry Kim explained on Monday why public swimming pools must remain closed at this time.  The Mayor issued an Emergency Rule that reopened most businesses, operations and activities effective June 15, while public swimming pools remain closed.

“The most important reason we cannot reopen the pools is because of the inability to keep the rest rooms and showers clean,” the Mayor said.  “The facilities need constant monitoring and disinfection to keep them clean due to the heavy use of the facilities by swimmers and non-swimmers, but that’s not feasible due to the shortage of personnel to do it.”

The Mayor said while he understands the public’s desire to return everything to normal, his overriding responsibility is to ensure that people are safe from the highly-contagious Coronavirus, under guidelines from the CDC regarding swimming pools, changing rooms and public bathrooms. 

“Until we are assured that we can meet the responsibility to keep the bathrooms and the swimming pools clean, the pools will stay closed to ensure the public safety,” Mayor Kim said.  

He urged the community to keep up their observance of CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus, including social distancing, face coverings and hand washing. 
The Coronavirus threat remains, and we must continue to follow the preventive measures so we remain the best in the nation with the lowest per capita infections and fatality rate, the Mayor said. 

Hawai‘i County on Saturday reported its first active case in three weeks, a reminder that the virus is still present.

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