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Police crack-down on reports of dirt bikes and ATV’s driving on public roadways

by Thunda
Off/On Road

Police are cracking down after receiving multiple reports of dirt bike motorcycles and quad or All-Terrain Vehicles being seen driving on public roadways on Hawaiʻi Island.  Community Police and Traffic Enforcement Units have identified areas they will be regularly patrolling.

From (January 1) to (April 9) Hawaiʻ Police Department has had sixty complaints of ATVs and dirt bikes traveling on roadways open to the public.  The complaints consisted of reckless driving, speeding, excessive noise, and suspicious activity. It was particularly concerning that many of the complaints identified unlicensed juveniles as the drivers operating the vehicles at a high rate of speed in a reckless manner.

All drivers must be licensed and all motor vehicles must be properly registered to travel in the roadways in Hawaiʻi. If officers observe those violations they will stop and issue traffic citations to anyone not following the traffic laws. If certain traffic violations are observed the vehicles may be impounded or towed from the scene. 

The Hawaiʻi Police Department wants everyone to understand that regardless of the vehicle’s type, operating them recklessly is dangerous and a violation of HRS 291-2 “Reckless Driving”. Responsible adults must assure that motorcycles and ATVs are only operated where it is legal and most of all safe.  All riders need to wear protective equipment, like a helmet. It only takes one crash to alter many lives forever. 

If you observe a dirt bike motorcycle or ATV traveling illegally on the roadway please call (808) 935-3311. Providing a license plate, description of the vehicle and driver, the road they are on and the direction of travel will assist the HPD to locate them. 

Please contact the Traffic Services Program Manager Torey Keltner with any questions at (808) 961-2305

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