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Chicken Skin Hawaii – My very own Annabelle

by Thunda
Photo is an visual representation and not from actual event.

Twenty or so years ago, my roommate and I rented a house in Hilo and found a price that was really good for the area and for the size of the dwelling.  After moving in and getting settled, there were signs of a disturbance in the house. Our children would see apparitions throughout the home!  My roommate’s daughter would say, “there’s a man in the window”, even though the windows were high; the house built on post and pier.  Exactly 10 years on the anniversary of the tragic event, I was home alone doing laundry when the unthinkable happened.  My roommate had a Halloween witch ( the one with the wicked laugh you place at the front door during Halloween),  in the storage room adjacent to the laundry area.  As I was loading my clothes in the washer, the witch started laughing her evil laugh. I had the meanest chills and pretended that I didn’t hear what I heard, well aware of the anniversary date.  So I continued loading my clothes when it started laughing again and I was like OMG and the hairs stood up on my arms and neck.  I went into the storage room and grabbed the witch, turned it over and the switch was in the “off” position.  I was like okay this is not happening, and  I continued with the wash when the witch laughed for. 3rd time.  I went back in the storage room , turned the witch over and took out the batteries and threw the witch against the wall.  As I stood over the washer , something touched me on my shoulder and that was it. I Hele’d on out of the house and didn’t go back inside until my roommate came home.  We moved out soon after…

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