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Chicken Skin Hawaii – Spheres in Volcano National Park

by Thunda

This was in 2015 on once of the trails in Volcano National Park. I was taking a picture of the trail and took a few pictures at slightly different angles. I didn’t see this until I got home and was uploading. First I though lens flare. Then I realized it was in different photos at different angles, same perfect sphere. Sent to a bunch of photography friends and they first said lens flare, should them the other pictures and they stumped. How to you have lens flare, exact same sphere and different angle.

These 2 pictures are at slightly different angles and same sphere. Secondly, I adjusted my camera settings lifted my camera up to the same sphere? That’s weird? All other pictures before and after at different places where fine, so no, it was not the lens.

Submitted by: LK

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1 comment

Boto Boi May 20, 2021 - 2:39 am

You ‘discovered’ lens flare.

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