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Chicken Skin Hawaii – Beautiful Hitchhiker

by Thunda

This Tale isn’t “creepy” in that sense…but it is totally “Awesome” for Me? 

I used to work as a Bartenderess in a little Cafe in Honoka’a, and as usual, it was packed house. As i was busy rushing around trying to serve and feed my customers, a young gentleman [Haole] was very friendly to Me, and told Me  something “interesting” had happened to him, and he wanted to “share it with this Aunty?” So when things slowed down, i ventured to his table, and stopped to give him an “ear.” What he “shared with Me” i will never forget to this day…and i have often used it to show others, of the realities in Our Lives on the islands, and of the mystical things that happen here…

My Customer, i’ll call him “Bob”  [i forget his name…it was a few years ago.] Anyway, “Bob” told Me that he was freshly from the Mainland [Washington] no more than a “couple of months”. He had been driving in his car, on his way to Waipio…when suddenly he came upon a “Lady”….hitchhiking? He told Me: “Aunty…i always pick up hitchhikers…so this woman didn’t faze Me? I stopped the Car, and told her that i was driving to “Waipio?” I asked her if she was going there, and she said: “Y-E-S!”  So  Then…I asked “Bob”. “What was She “wearing?” How did She “look like?” He said: She had “long flowing hair”, a wraparound on her, and a basket on her left arm…she was “tanned” and “very beautiful”. Then when he stopped the car, even though he was alone in the front seat….she opened the “back door”, and sat in the “back?” They never spoke the whole time, and after He drove a few miles before looking into his rear view mirror to check up on his passenger…..”SHE VANISHED!” 

I got the meanest CHICKEN SKIN up my arms and to the top of my head, and told him: “HOW COME YOU GET TO SEE “MADAM PELE” AND…. WE “NEVER GET TO SEE HER?”  And Bob says: “W-H-O?”             [He “never knew Who She Was?”  He had only been in the islands, a couple of Months?  He had never even….”heard of her?”]    After I explained “Who She Was?” Then…”HE STARTED GETTING CHICKEN SKIN!!!” WOW!!!!  So…if Anyone wants to “dispute Our TUTU PELE really EXISTS?”  Take it coming from Someone…who actually spoke to Someone…who “gave Her a Ride!” And especially Someone fresh from the “Mainland” who didn’t know about the “Legendary Goddess of the Volcano!” She’s “does  EXIST!? 


                                                                                “Kamalii Wahine”

Photo is an visual representation and not from actual event.

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